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We are here to streamline your business, from project management and operational optimizations, to your digital strategy, from more organic website leads with SEO, to increased traffic with PPC and Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing.

Nicole C. Scott, Founder of Streative Digital
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Nicole C. Scott
Founder & Digital Strategist

Nicole C. Scott began her career in the 1990s as a sole proprietor, consulting for digital strategy in media and entertainment. She began working with musicians and then shifted into the film industry after graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Cinema in 2003.


Nicole has been instrumental in helping teams to work together for their media outreach efforts, helping organizations understand the complexities, nuances, and logistics involved in improving their online presence, how to be more effective and efficient with their process, and what best strategies to implement to achieve actionable results.  Her film credits include a number of award-winning documentaries.


Through word of mouth, her clientele began to grow and working with agencies led to providing services to other verticals such as real estate, food & beverage, as well as tech, legal, pharmaceutical, lifestyle, and non-profit sectors.

Over the past two decades, Nicole has developed the experiential wisdom and knowledge to implement a great number of services for clients from independent musicians, photographers, and artists, to small businesses, all the way to boutique and mid-size agencies and nationally recognized brands.


In 2022, Nicole founded Streative Digital to scale the business to meet the ever-increasing demand of clients to improve their websites, marketing initiatives, and strategies with the goal of building a talented team to fulfill all of your digital needs.

Antonio Lucchesi, SEO Specialist

Antonio Lucchesi 
Data Analyst & SEO Specialist

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Antonio Lucchesi, currently in his 4th year as a Statistics and Data Science student at UCLA, focuses on software engineering and the development as well as assessment of machine learning models in his academic pursuits. Through both coursework and hands-on projects, he has acquired a profound understanding of data preparation, statistical analysis, and data visualization techniques.

Before joining Streative, Antonio served as the Studio Manager at Soundwave Studios, a music rehearsal and recording  establishment in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this role, he was responsible for website development, programming, and ongoing web maintenance. Additionally, he oversaw the strategic integration of third-party software to foster business growth, managed the Google Business profile, implemented SEO strategies for the website, and orchestrated social media campaigns on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 


With Streative Digital, Antonio utilizes his expertise in data analytics, and search engine optimization to assist clients in enhancing web traffic and optimizing their online presence.


Gianni Lucchesi 
Copywriter & Social Media Specialist

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Gianni Lucchesi is a second-year student at UCSC, pursuing a multidisciplinary education in computer science, business management, and economics. With a passion for blending technology with business acumen, Gianni has demonstrated a strong aptitude for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail.


In addition to his academic pursuits, Gianni has actively engaged in extracurricular activities that showcase his leadership and communication skills. As the curriculum coordinator for his school's stock club, Gianni developed and delivered engaging lessons on financial literacy and investment strategies, empowering students with valuable skills for their future. His dedication to educating others and fostering a collaborative learning environment highlights their passion for sharing knowledge and driving meaningful change.


With a solid foundation in copywriting and social media management, Gianni is eager to leverage their skills and knowledge to drive impactful digital marketing strategies at Streative Digital.


Nicole C. Scott of Streative Digital is a Women In Action Member
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Providing services for independent filmmakers, media groups, and other entertainment industry service professionals.


If you are an independent filmmaker, a film house, or a media agency, contact Streative Digital to boost your online presence. 

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