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About Gianni Lucchesi

Copywriter & Social Media Specialist

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My Story

Gianni Lucchesi is a student at the University of Santa Cruz, pursuing a multidisciplinary education in computer science, business management, and economics. With a passion for blending technology with business acumen, Gianni has demonstrated a strong aptitude for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail.


In addition to his academic pursuits, Gianni has actively engaged in extracurricular activities that showcase his leadership and communication skills. As the curriculum coordinator for his school's stock club, Gianni developed and delivered engaging lessons on financial literacy and investment strategies, empowering students with valuable skills for their future. His dedication to educating others and fostering a collaborative learning environment highlights Gianni's passion for sharing knowledge and driving meaningful change. Outside of work, his passions include bouldering, chess, creative drawing and writing, and culinary arts.


With a solid foundation in copywriting and social media management, Gianni is eager to leverage their skills and knowledge to drive impactful digital marketing strategies at Streative Digital.

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