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How To Get The Best of Your Pinterest Account

Updated: Mar 14

Pinterest is a platform that attracts over 150 active million users per month. Pinterest is not really the place to catch up with your friends, or share your recent holiday photos, instead, this social media network is often referred to as a visual search engine. 

Streative Digital will teach you how to elevate your brand using Pinterest.

1 - Optimize Your Profile

The first step to having a presence on Pinterest is to brand your profile. 

Make sure you use a cover board. This is the perfect place to add a branded board with blogs, graphs, and product shots.

Showcase boards that are relevant to your brand or of particular interest depending on the season, or specific categories relevant to your demographic.

Write a compelling bio for your profile. Make sure you are clear about your brand’s mission and offerings. 

Verify your website. This is how you get access to analytics for your website.

2 - Content Strategy

Before you start posting on Pinterest, you need to set up a content strategy. A content strategy can help you improve your marketing results and ROI (return on investment) by allowing you to understand exactly why you're using any given type of content, who you want to reach, what content you're going to create, what goals you're looking to achieve, and who will be in charge of what.

When it comes to Pinterest, focus your content on product pins, infographics, and blog posts, as well as videos. 

3 - Interact with the Community

Joining and creating community or group boards is a great way to reach new people, increase interaction, and push your brand.

You can search for prominent Pinners in your niche and search for relevant groups to grow your community. Once you join, you need to remain active, pinning some of your content, and also curating content for other users. 

4 - Pinterest SEO

As we mentioned at the beginning, Pinterest is mainly a visual search engine. For this reason, it is important to understand that this platform has a very particular algorithm to optimize better your own search engine rules. 

There are three ways to tap into the Pinterest SEO algorithm. First, optimize your profile, add relevant pins to your account, and maintain positive engagement on boards. Ensure you have relevant hashtags, and make sure you always link the pins to relevant website pages. Be sure to clean up any links that are broken.

5: Consistently Release New Content on your Pinterest Account

The last part of this 5 step strategy is to continuously share new content on Pinterest. Being consistent with the release of your content will help you improve the quality of your profile, furthering the likelihood that Pinterest will share your content in search results. If you do not have the time to visit your Pinterest account regularly, you can schedule posts in advance using apps like Tailwind. This list reviews all the different social media scheduling tools available.

A good strategy is to plan to interact at least twice per day in relevant groups and boards and release weekly content for your audience. 

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